Potomac Edison EV Driven - Multifamily Rebate FAQ

Question linkWhat is the EV Driven program?
  • EV Driven by Potomac Edison is making electric vehicle (EV) adoption more accessible, convenient and affordable in Maryland through an enhanced public charging network and incentives for residential and multifamily customers.

  • Multifamily property owners can get a rebate for 50% of the cost to purchase/lease and install qualified smart Level 2 and DC Fast Charging stations, up to $20,000.

Question linkHow will I know if I’m eligible to enroll?

To be eligible to enroll, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Electric service for my property is provided by Potomac Edison in Maryland.

  • My EV charger is/will be networked via cellular connectivity.

  • I will allow Potomac Edison remote access to the usage data generated from the charging station on my property.

  • I agree to share the rate EV drivers pay to charge their vehicles periodically.

Rebate applications must be submitted within 30 days of a successful installation. Your smart EV charger must be purchased and installed after December 1, 2019.

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Question linkHow do I sign up?

To apply for the multifamily rebate, please click here.

Question linkWhen will I receive my incentive?

For the EV Driven Multifamily Rebate program, you will receive a rebate check 4-6 weeks after your enrollment is confirmed.

Question linkWhich EV chargers qualify for the program?

Please see the chart below for eligible charging equipment. Your charger must be installed and activated with cellular connectivity prior to enrollment.

Manufacturer Model Name Power Input Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CPF25 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CT4000 series Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint Express CPE250 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CPF50 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
Enel X JuiceBox Pro 32C Plug in & Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
Enel X JuiceBox Pro 40C Plug in & Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
Enel X JuiceBox Pro 80C - starting Q2 2021 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
Question linkHow can I find out more about eligible chargers?

For more information about the charging equipment list above, please visit the manufacturer website.

ChargePoint Chargers
Contact Information:
Alden Naeny

Enel X Chargers
Contact Information:
Luis Castro

Question linkWho can I contact with other questions about the program?

Please reach out to support@evdrivenpe.com or 301-804-9321 with any additional questions.

Question linkDo you offer incentives for residential customers?

If you’re a residential customer, click here to learn about residential incentives.

Question linkHow is the EV Driven Program being funded?

Potomac Edison will seek recovery of the costs of the EV Driven Program from customers through electric service rates in a future regulatory rate review with the Maryland Public Service Commission.

Question linkHow do I purchase and install EV chargers approved for the EV Driven multi-unit dwelling rebate?

Please contact the network providers at the link above and request additional information about their products and services.

Question linkWhat other incentives are available?

Potomac Edison customers could see additional savings on charging equipment and installation through rebates and incentives offered by the Maryland Energy Administration. Rebates from MEA can be stacked with EV Driven, and the order of application does not impact your eligibility. For more information, visit the MEA website.

Question linkWhat are the benefits of multifamily property chargers?

The number of EV owners is growing, and more existing and prospective tenants are expected to start requesting EV charging as an amenity. Potomac Edison’s rebates help offset the cost of this investment to provide charging benefits to multifamily residents. Home charging currently makes up 75% of all EV charging, so multifamily property managers and owners are influential in increasing EV adoption.

Question linkAre these charging stations energy efficient?

Yes, the charging stations that qualify for this program are ENERGY STAR certified, learn more here.